World Leaders Letter

I wrote a letter to world leaders to address the universal issue of teen suicide. I am very moved at the great response I have received from this letter. Please read and let me know what you think.

From:  Jim Tuman

Re:  The welfare of children and a solution to their problems.

My name is Jim Tuman.  I have spoken to more than two million children worldwide.  I am not a politician, or a business.  I am just a highly concerned individual who has seen pain in children, and children in pain are hard to teach.  I would like an opportunity to share my working solutions via Skype, phone or email.

Millions of children will consider suicide as a way out of their problems.  Statistics keep climbing at an escalating rate.

This is not a problem limited to children in the United States. Every country in the world is experiencing more and more serious problems of self-worth among their young adults; problems that reflect in drugs, alcohol, suicide, crime and violence.  Our children do not want to be part of our world.

Whatever you do as a leader of your country can be negated by the next generation if these children are not taught to believe enough in themselves to keep their countries alive and productive.  The only solution to this escalating problem is the education of our children within their schools to deal with their feelings, share their concerns, value themselves and get help for their problems.  (Please refer to “Circle of Influence” on my website

During this school year I will speak to school children in the United States, teaching them to recognize their value so they can lead productive adult lives.  In the course of my talks, students stand and speak of their pain and problems.  They also learn to express their positive feelings about themselves.  Out of the revealing of their true feelings, incredibly shocking statistics have shown up.  There are times when as many as ¾ of the children admit to having considered suicide, alcohol and drugs as possible solutions to their feelings of loneliness and despair.  I am concerned and ready to commit my time and energy to turn these frightening statistics around.

I am willing to travel across the world or video conference for 30 minutes of your time to show you what you can do in your country so we can enter this year and beyond with healthy children inside and outside.  Please give me an opportunity.

I know that you personally know some child who is in desperate trouble.  You can turn away from this letter, and many have, but you cannot turn away from the problem.  We constantly see young people commit acts that seem impossible to comprehend.  This is my life’s work and I know that I can help you.  What would you do if this was your child?

Please let me know when I may speak with you, or someone in your administration.

Thank you for caring about your children.

Jim Tuman






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