Monthly Archives: August 2015


No Regrets



For the next couple of months I would like to try a different approach to inspiration. I don’t think any of us escape life without some regrets. We all have dreams, goals, relationships and opportunities that have not been checked off our list. Many of these can be revisited, changed or discarded. Those items relating to relationships would be important to resolve on our healing journey.

Over the years I have received so many letters, phone calls, emails and texts from people who have missed opportunities. I believe by sharing some of those, you can learn from their situations and hopefully improve your circumstances. Changing regrets can change lives. I hope you can have positive success in any area that you share with friends and family.

After my last talk, a girl emailed her entire family with whom she hadn’t spoken to in years – and they reunited. It starts with a baby step and grows with each move forward.

Good luck on your journey and keep me in the loop so I can support you. Please share your dreams and goals!

Your Friend,