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National Programs During the Pandemic

One of the most common problems of the two-year pandemic has been isolation. Out of fear, people have become shut-ins with minimal human contact. Based on a program invented for mother and fathers on Mothers & Fathers Days, I adapted for Connections.


  1. Make a list out of your past of people you have not spoken to in many years. (5,10,30, etc.)
  2. Find a phone number from records and/or family.
  3. Once a week, call and share lives, stories, and people in common.
  4. Make it a point to be consistent with day and time on a weekly basis.
  5. People will feel cared about and less detached.
  6. Axiom: We don’t want to know what you know until we know that you care.

After many years of being in the shadows, mental health has truly risen in consciousness as a viable disease. So much has been on the diagnostic emphasis but attitude is an important piece. It is not singular but part of a larger whole. When people are other-centered, it helps the person feel more positive, more productive and more valued. This can support a person in their desire to work for solutions for navigating a healthier state of mind.

This should never be considered a cure but a step in the right direction. By helping others, you are helping yourself.


Letters To Jimmy now on Audible

Jim is interviewed about his book “Letters to Jimmy” which is now on Audible. Jim receives and answers hundreds of telephone calls and letters each year from teenagers, all telling him how he touched their lives. This book highlights a selection of those letters.

Watch the interview on YouTube

Letters To Jimmy” audio book on Amazon Audible