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Who will die next?

A 7 year old child has just taken his life. Why would someone so young do this? The reason is that he could not foresee any hope given the desperate situation he was in. This is not an isolated case. Millions of children consider suicide as a way of opting out of their problems. It is out of desperation that they want their pain to immediately go away. Two million children will attempt to take their lives this year, one million will succeed. This number is steadily climbing. If you have children, one of them could be your child.

As a Global Youth Speaker and children’s advocate, I am very concerned. It is my mission to create actionable solutions to decrease this startling number. I am focusing my work to “Save Lives and Curb Teen Suicide.”

I have spoken with over two million children worldwide and personally see the pain that they suffer from. During the course of my school discussions each year, students openly stand and speak of their anguish and problems. It is only out of desperation that they turn directly to drugs. alcohol, suicide, crime, and violence as a way out. Were you aware that ¾ of the children admit to considering suicide? To counteract their hopelessness, I provide a safe forum where they can openly express and discuss their deepest and most troubling issues. My goal is to encourage them to envision hope, teach them to love themselves for who they are and reinforce that someone genuinely cares about them. Please reference my life changing work on my YouTube Channel or visit it my website at

If not resolved, a future generation in turmoil will directly result in a negative fiscal and economic impact. We must not turn away from the problem. We continually see young people commit senseless acts to the point that we are becoming desensitized to the fact that it is a young person taking their life. Suicide has a ripple effect that not only impacts persons with direct relationships to the victims, but also individuals outside of their social circle. In most cases, unforgettable regret is the harsh reality that remains with the survivors.

My impactful solutions and programs over the last 20 years have provided successful outcomes for more than one million children. Please contact me if I can be of service to you or your organization:

Thank you for caring about the future of our children.

Jim Tuman