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You Are Not Alone, Part 1

International Speaker Jim Tuman – Part 1: You Are Not Alone

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Part 1 of a 3 Part Series titled “You Are Not Alone.” These insights on life will touch your heart and inspire you to live the fulfilled life of your dreams.


Over my 30 years as a national speaker, I have watched the age-old concept of bullying in schools reach new dimensions, in not only true form but Internet as well.

This culminated recently when I received a call from the parents of a six year old who had taken her own life because the kids were picking on her at school. I remember the feeling of frustration, hurt and anger when I hung up the phone that day.

I have developed a model for schools and communities to be more pro-active in their approach to create a safe school environment. I was invited by 14 world leaders to demonstrate this model.

I believe schools these days can no longer do it alone and they must create an environment where students feel safe, valued and loved.

Please contact me anytime for specifics on my approach. I look forward to working with you.


Jimmy Tuman