National Programs During the Pandemic

One of the most common problems of the two-year pandemic has been isolation. Out of fear, people have become shut-ins with minimal human contact. Based on a program invented for mother and fathers on Mothers & Fathers Days, I adapted for Connections.


  1. Make a list out of your past of people you have not spoken to in many years. (5,10,30, etc.)
  2. Find a phone number from records and/or family.
  3. Once a week, call and share lives, stories, and people in common.
  4. Make it a point to be consistent with day and time on a weekly basis.
  5. People will feel cared about and less detached.
  6. Axiom: We don’t want to know what you know until we know that you care.

After many years of being in the shadows, mental health has truly risen in consciousness as a viable disease. So much has been on the diagnostic emphasis but attitude is an important piece. It is not singular but part of a larger whole. When people are other-centered, it helps the person feel more positive, more productive and more valued. This can support a person in their desire to work for solutions for navigating a healthier state of mind.

This should never be considered a cure but a step in the right direction. By helping others, you are helping yourself.


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